Well now I am curious…

Mr. Heisenbug

Uh oh.

This is concerning. Apparently, a science writer had her gut sequenced by the two popular gut sequencing services in the market right now — American Gut and uBiome. Not only that, but she had both done at the same time, from the same sample. Meaning, they should show the exact same results.

They didn’t. Not even close:

As you can see, the the ratio between the two predominant phyla, Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes, are almost flipped. FROM THE SAME SAMPLE.

Either one service’s sampling/sequencing method is faulty, or the general method that is being used by both services to do the gut sequencing is highly unreliable.

Either way, they’ve got some explaining to do. If this has legs, a lot of people will be — and should be — demanding their money…

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